Emotional Connections Through Social Media, or how Ellen DeGeneres Taught Me to be Authentic

Social media creates an atmosphere in which people can feel as though they share a big living space with other individuals they do not even know in person, yet feel a connection to - celebrities, authors, politicians, and even some of the un-famous they admire. "Who do I feel a connection with on social media?", I was recently asked. Initially I thought I had no connection of that nature to talk about, but after deeper thought, I realized I was mistaken.

Big Mouth Journalism: A Grad Student's Thoughts on Report Now, Apologize Later

Image of big mouth.

Mistakes and errors in journalism have occurred for decades. Some become jokes, others have more serious consequences, but whatever the outcome, the mistakes themselves are not surprising. After all, to err is human, and so are news producers. A journalistic mistake here and there is bound to happen. On the other hand, are journalists perhaps becoming a little too human and error-prone for ethical journalism to prevail?