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I was born to a family of small business proprietors in Brazil. As an infant, I watched my parents and others manage their businesses, and by age 10 I was assisting with customer service. This early experience instilled a solid work ethic, a sense of workplace confidence, and strong organizational, interpersonal and customer-service skills.

At age 12, I sought a job outside of the family environment. I joined an after-school first employment youth program (JUCO) which assisted teens and pre-teens in obtaining a first job after graduation. I felt a keen sense of pride being the only participant among dozens who obtained a perfect score on the final exam.

My first job offer came the day after my JUCO graduation. I began working mornings at an English language school, assisting with clerical duties. I seized the opportunity to explore the English books available in the library, and began to develop a working knowledge of the language. Following my workday, I would attend school until 5pm and then home to do the day’s homework.

At 14, I applied for a position with a large, multi-national packaging company, which manufactures products used in grocery stores, households, and offices around the globe. While I didn’t secure the position on my first attempt, I refused to give up. I reached out to the company’s Human Resources office again a few months later to discover that there was an entry-level position available in the International Logistics Department. The Hiring Manager, impressed with my skills (particularly that portions of our conversation were conducted in English) issued an immediate job offer. I started the next business day. While still in high school, I typically worked regular office hours and then completed my studies in the evening. I did the same as I began my bachelor’s program in business administration with an emphasis in foreign trading.

I remained with this employer for over 13 years and held a variety of positions involving procurement, international logistics, project management, business and process analysis, and technological training. I was provided with many outstanding learning opportunities while there and traveled to several countries as part of the in-house system (SAP) implementation team. I left the organization at the end of 2006, when I relocated to the United States.

Between 2007 and 2012, as a permanent American Resident (Green Card Holder), I held positions involving warehouse management, export analysis, foreign trade zone coordination, and freight forwarding. Meanwhile, in 2010, I pledged allegiance to the United States and became a naturalized American Citizen. That same year, I resumed my university studies with the goal of transitioning to a more technology-oriented career.

At the end of 2012 (during my bachelor's program) I accepted an offer to work for a large non-profit organization in Washington, DC, where I would work for the next five years. My responsibilities involved IT administration, project management, content management, database maintenance, reporting, budgeting, vendor and contract administration, procurement, IT assets management, and internal communications. I was honored to receive their 2014 Employee of the Year Award. That same year, I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology with a concentration in Web Development.

Through my web development studies, I realized that much of what I love about a web career involves creativity and communication in addition to the more obvious technological aspects of the field, which I also enjoy. Following my passion and professional goals, I decided to enroll in a graduate program in communication in 2015. Proudly, I earned my Master of Arts degree in Communication in November 2017 with a 4.0 GPA, excellent feedback and references from many professors, and the Outstanding Graduate Award.

Currently, I am very proud to work for the largest food & beverage company in the world doing what I love, web development, communication, design, and other creative work!

Yuri Lassiter

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